Formed in 2007, Montreal based original band Evertrapped bring Melodic Death Metal to a new level of brutality. All five current members clear a warpath to the stage with killer technical metal riffs and epic breakthrough choruses. Guitarists Frederick Dupuis and Vincent Benoit hammer out raw guitar licks, Bassist John Yates brings in the low end, Drummer Eric Lemire pounds out violent beats, and James Brookes bridges the gap between strong clear vocals and sick screams. Evertrapped plays at clubs such as Katacombes, Foufounes Électriques, Hemisphere Gauche, Cafe Chaos, Pirahna Bar and Mad Hatters. They have also been seen playing alongside bands such as Slaves On Dope, Death Lullaby, Anonymus, The Agonist, Bornbroken, The Catalyst, as well as many others, and have been seen in such festivals as Camping Metal, Hellfest, the 3rd annual Dungeon Works New Year's Party and Spread the Metal (Halifax and Toronto) featuring bands such as Augury, Blackguard, Suffocation, Kittie, Deicide, and Skull Fist. Their latest album The Anomaly can be found at all their shows and online as well as the band's brand new t-shirt line. Evertrapped has a growing fan base and can be followed on Reverbnation, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and their official site www.evertrapped.com.